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                The 5th Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2020

                更新日期:2020-01-03 16:01:20

                The 5th Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair 2020

                ---Global Top Fair for Battery Sourcing---
                Date: August 16-18, 2020
                Venue: Area A, China Import & Export Fair Complex
                Exhibition Scale: covering 60000m2, receiving more than 800 exhibitors and over 45,000 visitors
                Main Exhibits:  power battery, BMS, 3C, energy storage battery, supercapacitors, fuel cells, graphene, cell materials, equipment, accessories, etc.

                Hosted by
                Asian Battery & Energy Storage Industry Alliance
                Guangdong Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation
                GD-HK-Macao Economic & Cooperation Exchange Association
                Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
                Co-organized by
                Taiwan Battery Association
                Dongguan Lithium Battery Industry Association
                Xinxiang City Association of Battery Power
                China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA)
                Media Partner
                TianJin Lishen Battery joint-stock Co.,Ltd
                Shenzhen  OptimumNano Energy Co., Ltd
                Organized by
                Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
                Guangzhou Honest Exhibition 
                Associated Organizer
                MianYang E-commerce Valley Information Tech Co.,Ltd(b2b.battery)


                GBF ASIA Focus
                GBF ASIA focus on power / energy storage / 3C batteries and related applications. The whole industry chain of battery sector showcased as well as the international buyers gathered could proceed global battery trades and technical exchanges. Backed by the tremendous advantages of domestic battery industry, GBF ASIA actively forays into Asian even the global battery markets and attracts the manufacturers, dealers, agents, importers and exporters, purchasers altogether.
                GBF ASIA which boasts the governmental subsidy manages to create a high-end trade platform oriented at Asia-Pacific and global markets.
                Highlights of GBF ASIA 
                GBF ASIA2019 was successfully closed on August 19 in China Import & Export Fair Complex. With full supports from governments at all levels and from industry associations, media, GBF Asia2017 attracted more than 550 brand enterprises, media from more than 10 countries and regions, including the Shenzhen Lithium Battery Industry Association, Shuangdeng Group, CHILWEE, Broadnew Energy Tec, Panasonic Battery, ALLGRAND Battery, ALI System, MIKROUNA, King Be Found Laser, Sho-Laser, INVT, etc. Compared with last edition, the exhibition area of GBF ASIA2019 was enlarged more than five times, made a significant  breakthrough. Concurrently, similar events including PV Guangzhou were held together with 60,000 square meters, GBF ASIA2017 became a world-class event in the battery industry.
                GBF ASIA2020 is bound to deepen cooperation among new energy vehicles, lithium battery, supercapacitor, fuel battery, graphene and other downstream fields. It is highly expected to welcome more than 800 exhibitors with 2000 booths.
                Why GBF ASIA
                1、To have in-depth communication with domestic clients: GBF ASIA2017 accommodated more than25,900 person-time visitors, of which 21,700 were domestic. To guarantee professionalism and great exhibition feedback, the visitors are mainly manufacturers, dealers, agents, importers, exporters, associations, colleges and universities, financing and investment institutes dealing with new energy or battery sectors. 
                Visitor Source Analysis
                New energy vehicles: 14%
                Energy storage industry: 16%
                3C electronics: 11%
                Battery enterprises:25%
                Battery materials: 13%

                Battery equipment and others: 21% 

                2、To reach out to premium overseas purchasers: there were 4,144 overseas purchasers at GBF ASIA2017, accounting for 16% of the total. The purchasers were drawn from more than 20 countries and regions, which well illustrated the internationalism of GBF ASIA. More importantly, world-known enterprises comprising LG, JLR, Tesla were present on site.

                3、To meet with industry magnets and experts: on site, a great number of industry magnets will show up as well as hundreds of distinguished experts to discuss their experience, have exchanges, and analyze the future industry trend.

                Core Competence of GBF ASIA

                一、Key Supports from Governments and Full Subsidy

                Battery industry has been entirely supported by governments at all levels in view of its substantial role in new energy vehicle power and energy transformation. In an attempt to advance the development of new energy vehicle and battery industries, the host unit Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group has partnered with governments and investment banks to implement a full subsidy for domestic exhibitors. The subsidies will fall on more than 2,000 booths and over 800 exhibitors.

                二、1,000 rooms are free for hotel accommodation

                In order to make the domestic and oversea big buyers convenient to purchase, Grandeur Group particularly offers 1,000 rooms for free to exhibitors who are mainly in the fields of battery application industry. Top 1,000 enterprises registered for VIP Visitor Form have opportunity to get free one-night accommodation in the surrounding three-star hotels and a VIP service valued at 680 yuan. In that case, an increasing number of big buyers are much more inclined to join the GBF Asia. 

                三、Advanced Exhibition Technology for Product Display

                Guangdong Kang Yun Technologies Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of the host Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, takes advantage of AI and 3D scanning, aerial mapping technologies to create a stunning online exhibition platform which features multi-dimensional visual system for product displaying. In this case, visitors could visit the exhibition whenever and wherever. More importantly, in view of 15 years of professional exhibition arrangement experience, the exhibitors and visitors will be served dedicatedly.


                2020Asia Power Battery & Energy Storage Summit 
                2017Asia Power Battery & Energy Storage Summit was held in parallel with GBF ASIA2017. during the summit, a group of eminent speakers were invited to deliver speeches, including Mr. Wang from Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Cai from YinLong New Energy Institute, Dr. Rong from OptimumNano Energy Battery Institute, Dr. Lei from Dongfeng Yangtze, Prof. Li from Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, etc.

                In 2018, Asia Power Battery & Energy Storage Summit will continue to open concurrently with GBF ASIA2018. A few of sub forums will be displayed, which cover power battery, new energy vehicle, fuel battery, graphene, supercapacitor, battery material, intelligent production, and other sectors. The grand event will bring together industry behemoths, scientists, technicians, governments, financing and investment insiders under the same roof, to discuss the latest technology and future tendency of power battery, energy storage industries.

                Summit Sponsorship & Conference Fee
                ?The exhibitors have the priority to take the sponsorship of the Summit, please ask the sponsorship details from the host unit.
                ?The exhibitors who reserved the booths with an area of more than 200 sq.m., have access to deliver a speech and obtain three seats for free.
                ?The charge for the enterprises delivering a speech: USD5,800 per speech for foreign enterprise.
                ?Conference fee: RMB 1,980 per person, (services include participation to summit, sub-forums, exhibition, lunch, coffee and tea break, show catalogue, company introduction)
                ?Time for the speech: 30 minutes per speech
                Exhibition Scope
                一、Lithium Battery
                Various Li-ion battery, polymer lithium battery and combined cells, power battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, etc.
                Pouch cell, cylindrical cell, polymer cell, battery coating, tab, cap, etc.
                Lithium battery materials, including positive material, negative material,  electrolyte, diaphragm, etc.
                Manufacturing and processing equipment, testing instrument, and parts of the lithium battery.
                Environmental friendly equipment and recycling technique of lithium battery.
                二、Power Batter and Management System
                Power Li-ion battery, energy storage battery, fuel battery, Li-ion air battery, supercapacitor, etc.
                BMS, online monitoring system for battery, powertrain and control system, motor driver, charger, controller, inverter, back-up power, etc.
                Production engineering, equipment, testing instrument and technique for power battery, etc.
                Various hybrid supercapacitors, stacked supercapacitors in the filed of industrial electronics, consumer electronics, transportation and communication, green energy, etc.
                Manufacturing equipment, testing devices, experimental instrument, monitoring and maintenance equipment for supercapacitors.
                Various raw materials and spare parts of the supercapacitors, such as the acticarbon, diaphragm, current collector, etc.
                四、Hydrogenic Energy and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
                Production, storage and safety testing technology and equipment of hydrogen 
                A variety of fuel cells and system application
                Fuel cells materials, auxiliary facilities, systems, production and processing equipment
                Associated technology and equipment for assessment, testing, analysis
                五、Graphene Industry and Application
                Graphene raw materials and powder materials, etc.
                Manufacturing equipment, microwave treatment equipment, heat treating facilities, package equipment and coating machines for graphene power materials, etc.
                Graphene membrane and CVD equipment, transfer equipment, etc.
                Graphene testing equipment, related service institutes, etc.
                六、Storage Battery
                Various vented lead-acid battery, valve-regulated flooded battery, gel lead-acid battery, and other batteries, battery packs.
                Various lead and lead alloy materials for battery, scleroseptum materials for battery, additives, cell cover for battery, other battery materials and parts.
                Various lead-acid battery manufacturing equipment, testing devices, monitoring and maintenance equipment, battery charger, etc.
                Battery recycling technology, treatment technique and equipment for environment protection and Industrial waste water, waste gas and residue.
                七、Energy Storage Technology
                Energy storage battery used for wind power generation system, solar photovoltaic system, wind solar hybrid system, nuclear energy, etc.
                Energy storage system and engineering, auxiliary equipment for large-scale energy storage, micro-grid, distributed energy resources, home energy storage system, energy storage for communication base station, etc.
                Inverter, converter, insular energy system, resistance filtering, UPS, etc.

                 Exhibition Fee

                Standard Booth
                USD 2,600/9 sq. m.
                Add 10% fees for double-open booth
                Standard booth facilities: three white surrounding boards (height: 2.5M), one table, two chairs, two daylight lamps, fascia in English and Chinese, one wastebin and a piece of floor carpet.500W light socket
                Raw Space USD 260 /sq. m. Minimum rental space: 36 square meters. No facilities provided. Additional management fee: RMB 50 /m2. The booth should be built and decorated by exhibitors themselves.






                Ad Costs

                Cover USD 12,000 Ticket USD 8,000 pcs
                Back Cover USD 8,000 Ads on Data Bag USD 8,000 / 5000 pcs
                Inside Front Cover / Head Page USD 6,000 Arch Door USD 6,000 / period
                Inside Back Cover/
                Double Page Spread
                USD 4,000 Air Float Balloon USD 2,000 / period
                Colored Fold-over Page USD 6,000 Ads on Visitor Card USD 20,000 / 30,000 pcs
                Colored Inside Page USD 3,000 Ads on Exhibitor Card USD 10,000/3,000 pcs
                Logo on Opening Ceremony  USD 800 Billboard USD 12,000 (8m×4m)
                USD 15,000 (9m×4.5m)

                Notes: The exhibitors qualified for the government subsidy are able to get a 40 % discount for the ads costs.
                 Contct Us
                Guangzhou Honest Exhibition Co,.LTD
                Add: Room 301, No. 7, the First Street of Kehui Jingu, No.100 of Kexue Avenue, Science City, Luogang District, Guangzhou  
                Tel: +86-20-3237 3488 / 3238 2644
                Fax: +86-20-3238 2644
                Email: Honestexpo@126.com
                Website: www.battery-expo.com